About TorqValue

TorqValue started in 2022 as a passion project with the aim to, over time, create an extensive database of quickly accessible torque values. The idea for this website was sparked since I am an amateur mechanic myself and often found myself searching extensively online for specific torque specs.

As often was the case, full workplace manuals were available; for a steep price. But loose torque specs were hard to come by, especially for older vehicles. And justifying buying a torque spec for 40 euros, is hard. There had to be a better solution.

The concept which drives TorqValue didn't exist before and therefore is completely new. TorqValue contains a huge collection of vehicles and their parts, with information gathered from official workplace manuals; but also from the community! Well known aftermarket parts sometimes require a different approach to fastening them down.

What can you do?

TorqValue is highly community driven, therefore it relies on the community to slowly fill its database. This can be done very easily by anyone with knowledge about a specific vehicle. Just navigate to the desired vehicle; and add a part! It is THAT simple.
Currently, the database is still very lacklustre when it comes to information about parts and their specifications. If you are reading this to the end, I would like to ask for your help in filling up this database; even if it is only one part.

Monetary concerns

TorqValue is completely free to use, though does contain the opportunity to donate a small amount of money to me. The website also contains advertisements provided by google. The reason I include these two options is to recover the money needed for hosting this website. This comes out at around 6 euros per month, and is my only real incentive for even putting in advertisements.